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Digital Care Transformation.
The right way.

We can help you make informed, data-driven decisions about vendor strategies, solutions, and implementation plans that will deliver realistic returns on investment, cost savings, and customer experience goals. Our expertise allows you to confidently invest in technologies and solutions that will accelerate your digital transformation.



Take your Digital Care and Automation to the next level with emerging technologies and strategic operational deployment models

AI Bots: Voice, Chat

Deploy Voice Bots (IVA) and Chatbots quickly to contain basic to advanced interactions and leave the more important interactions for your agents to resolve.

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Asynchronous Messaging

Gracefully migrate contacts away from traditional contact channels such as emails and voice to asynchronous messaging channels that customers love and are accustomed to enjoying.

Intelligent Automation

Learn how you can leverage Bots to quickly automate repetitive backoffice processes using the latest process automation technologies. 

Agent Assist

AI-driven decision trees that help agents with next best action recommendations as part of their script to support, upsell, cross-sell or escalate a difficult interaction. 

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Contact Center Technology

Whether your strategy is insourcing or outsourcing, we've migrated some pretty large Contact Centers technology stacks, whether it's cloud or hybrid deployments.

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About Us 

Consulting focused on outcomes. Committed to excellence. 

Who are we?

At Augital, our top priority is providing tangible value for our clients. With over 15 years of experience in the telecom and healthcare contact center industry, we offer strategic consulting services that utilize cutting-edge digital and automation technologies to improve customer and employee experiences while reducing operational costs. Our expertise allows us to deliver laser-focused solutions that drive material results.

Our approach to successful outcomes 

At Augital, we take a thorough approach to understanding our clients' businesses, starting with key factors such as their product/service offerings, competitors, stock performance, technology ecosystem, and future outlook and forecasts. We also examine critical performance metrics that our clients use to measure their success. Our goal is to identify any pain points that may be impacting key metrics and to determine whether technology can be leveraged to drive positive change. We consider all aspects of a project, including viability and execution, to ensure that our solutions deliver the greatest value.


With our expertise, we can help you present a convincing case to your C-suite for investing in the right technologies and solutions.


Working with the best in Digital Care and Automation Emerging technologies.


Let's work together.

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